Personal information

Updated: oktober 2012

Name: Seidell
First name: Jacob (Jaap) C.
T: +31 20 5986995 (6985 for secretary)
F: +31 20 598 6940

Position: professor Nutrition and Health, director Department  of Health Sciences

I frequently post messages on health, nutrition and society on Twitter: @jaapseidell

I am responsible for research and academic training in health sciences at the VU University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

My research topics include:
- diet, nutrition and chronic diseases,
- causes and consequences of overweight and obesity,
- prevention and management of overweight and obesity,

Disciplines of research include physiology, epidemiology, endocrinology, psychology, behavioral sciences, genetics, health economics, public health.

(always unpaid) consultancies to government, research funding organizations, food industry, pharmaceutical companies, health care organizations, NGO's, consumer organizations and media





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