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Frank Snoek (1954) is Professor of Medical Psychology at the VU University Medical Center (VUMC), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where he specializes in psychosocial diabetology. He heads the Diabetes Psychology Research Group and is consulting clinical psychologist for the VUMC Diabetes Center. He and his team have developed and evaluated several psychological interventions for both youth and adults with diabetes, including computerized Quality of Life monitoring, group cognitive behavior therapy and a web-based depression self-help program for adults with diabetes (
Snoek’s main research interests include Quality of Life, Psychological Barriers to Self-management, Cognitive function, Depression and Behavioral Medicine interventions. In the past years his team developed and validated various diabetes-specific questionnaires, including the Diabetes Fear of self-Injecting and Self testing Questionnaire (D-FISQ), Confidence In Diabetes Self-care scale (CIDS) and the Diabetes Symptom Checklist-revised (DSC-r). He has published extensively in national and international journals and is co-editor of the handbook Psychology in Diabetes Care (Wiley). He was co-editor for Diabetes Spectrum, Diabetic Medicine and Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews, and is currently on the editorial board of Patient Education and Counseling, Primary Care Diabetes and Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice.
He is the founder and past chair of the EASD study group Psychosocial Aspects of Diabetes (PSAD). Dr Snoek chairs the Committee for Education and Health promotion of the Dutch National Diabetes Federation, and the program committee ‘Patient’s Voice’ of the Dutch Diabetes Research Foundation. In 2002 Snoek was recipient of the Wolter Goeman Award from the section Medical Psychology of the Netherlands Institute of Psychologists (NIP) and the 1st Diabetes Research Award from the Dutch Diabetes Research Foundation in 2008.