Personal information

Marjolein  Stuij

Marjolein Stuij was born in 1959 in Haarlem  in the Netherlands. She obtained a MSc in Medical Biology at the University of Amsterdam in 1983, after which she lectured on Biology at a high school in Hoorn for four years.
From 1987 to 1992 she worked as a lecturer and co-ordinator at a training school for nurses in Haarlem, where she taught anatomy and physiology. She co-ordinated the (para) medical courses and organized various public relations activities within the school.
In 1992 she started working at the VU University Medical Center as a co-ordinator of the postgraduate epidemiology program, called EpidM ( Since 1989 EMGO+ closely collaborates with the Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics of the VU University Medical Center in the organization of this program. The program includes a full Master's Program in Epidemiology (accreditated by the NVAO) and offers several individual courses in epidemiological and advanced statistical methods. 
Her function includes a wide range of organizational and management functions. As Secretary of the Curriculum Committee of the Master's Program she is responsible for the development and implementation of the education policy, the planning and evaluation of the program and administrative and financial management.