Personal information

Marc  Soethout

Educationcoordinator Department of Public and Occupational Health VU University Medical Center Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Marc Soethout was born in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands on 16th October, 1959. After obtaining his diploma in 1978 at the Montessori Lyceum in Amsterdam, he studied medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the Vrije Universiteit (now VU University medical center (VUmc) in Amsterdam, where he graduated in 1987. In the first year after graduation he worked as a research assistant for the first national study of general practice at the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research (NIVEL) in Utrecht. In 1988 he started working in the Education Department of the VUmc in Amsterdam as secretary of the Interfacultary Curriculum Committee Amsterdam (ICCA), after which he became clinical education coordinator and head of the Skills Lab. In 1991 he followed the TNO postgraduate training in public health medicine in Leiden. His former functions were combined for two years in 1996, when he became course leader of the postgraduate training in public health medicine at the Netherlands School of Public and Occupational Health (NSPOH) in Utrecht. At present he is education coordinator in the Department of Public and Occupational Health of the VUmc in Amsterdam, and is actively involved in undergraduate and postgraduate education in public and occupational health.