Personal information

Ton  Schellart

A.J.M. (Ton) Schellart
Born: February 15, 1951, The Hague, The Netherlands

I was detached from the Dutch Institute for Employee Benefit Schemes UWV)
at the VU University Medical Center / EMGO Institute / Department of Public and Occupational Health at the Research Center for Insurance Medicine (see: as Senior Researcher from August 2005 full-time; from January 2011 part-time 50%, from March 2015 till August 2016, 20%:
- responsible for or involved with research projects of PhD-students
- responsible for funding and starting research projects in the fleld of insurance medicine, since  January 2011 especially for secundary analyses.

Since Januari 2011, 50% of my time I worked as senior advisor for the Central Expertise Center for Social Medical Affairs of the Dutch Institute for Employee Benefit Schemes (UWV), with as main task: innovation and implementation of instruments a) for insurance physicians and labour experts (including designs and evaluations of experiments), and b) for management control (benchmarking, quality assessments etcetera), c) coaching other researchers and PhD-students (as co-promotor) working at the Institute. Beside my role as senior advisor, as business consultant I was member of the management team of CEC (till March 2015), especially to help to restructure CEC, i.e. developing the business plan, the formal reorganisation plan, and several business cases.

In August 2016 I retired, but stayed affiliated at VU University Medical Center / EMGO Institute / Department of Public and Occupational Health for some research till december 2019.

Research Interests in the field of Occupational Health (Insurance Medicine and Labour Expertise)
- sick leave, disability and return to work (RTW)
- effects of characteristics of social security systems on sick leave, disability assesments and RTW
- interaction of insurance physicians with their patients:
- involving the medical expert in legal disablement disputes: project of Jim Faas (PhD-student)
- protocol adherence of insurance physicians
- inter-reliability of functional capacity assesments by insurance physicians
- inter doctor variation of disablity assessments
- (cost)effectiveness of re-assessments of disability by insurance physicians
- cancer, surviving, coping, workload, support and work
- workload assessment
- role of employee embeddedness in conflicts of the employee with his employer about sick leave
- validity and inter-reliability of methods for wage evaluation of working disabled employees
- variation in assesments by labour experts of the efforts of employers for RTW of employees on sick leave
- methodological issues

Professional experience 1969-2005
1993 - 2005
Consultant and management positions in the field of Planning & Control, ICT, R&D, Data Warehousing and Policy Information at various occupational health and social security organisations (Arboned, ASZ BV, Gak Nederland BV, Dutch Institute for Employee Benefit Schemes UWV) 

1984 - 1993
Joint Medical Service (GMD, Gemeenschappelijke Medische Dienst)
Manager of the Research Section “Professional Expertise of Insurance Physicians and of Labour Experts"
- Responsible for a group of academic researchers, conducting research in the field of diseases, impairments and disability in relation to work
- Responsible for translating the research results into professional products for medical physicians and labor experts
- Publications in this period: co-editor of two books, PhD-thesis, (co-)author of thirteen research reports, (co-)author of twenty scientific and professional articles, author of eleven reviews of PhD-dissertations, co-author of research reports on the organisation of the social security in the Netherlands

1975 - 1983
(Senior) Staff Member Economic Planning at various employers (Social Cultural Planning Office, Free University, University of Amsterdam, Joint Administration Office for Social Security GAK): research, development and implementation of instruments for economic planning.

Blue collar jobs at various employers in the building sector (carpenter, bricklayer) and in the harbour (stevedore).


2006 - 2013
Postgraduate Courses: Multilevel Analysis, Structural Equations Modelling, Economic Evaluation, Longitudinal Analysis, Clinimetric master classes, Introduction in R

1997 - 1998
Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Master of Business Administration in General Management
- on the dean's honors list
- Mr. Drs. H. Langman Leadership Award "for showing outstanding professionalism through visionary leadership, entrepeneurship, social responsibility, and promoting the development of others”

1985 - 1987
University of Amsterdam
Doctorate Degree (PhD) at the Faculty of Medicine
Thesis: Sick leave and Labour Productivity at Administrative Organisations
Promotor: Prof. dr. M. Timmer

1981 - 1984
Postgraduate Courses: Philosophy of Science, Operations Research, Econometrics

1969 - 1976
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Master of Sciences in Economics, Sociologic Economic Program; master thesis on the field of manpower planning.

Aloysius College in The Hague
Grammar School ("gymnasium alpha")