Personal information

Ingrid  Steenhuis

Phone: +31(0)20-598 6948
Fax: +31(0)20-5987123
Office: O-541, VU University Amsterdam,  De Boelelaan 1085, 1081 HV  Amsterdam
Position: Professor Prevention & Public health


Ingrid Steenhuis’s research focuses on the development and evaluation of educational and environmental interventions targeted at overweight and obesity. She develops and evaluates interventions to change the obesogenic environment. An example of this is her well-known research into pricing strategies. Ingrid Steenhuis has advised the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport on this matter. She has also developed an innovative research tool called ‘The Virtual Supermarket’ to study pricing interventions. Furthermore, Ingrid Steenhuis has conducted several randomized controlled trials in challenging environments, such as supermarkets, worksite cafeterias and cinemas.

Ingrid Steenhuis’ research has also focused on teaching individuals how to deal with the obesogenic environment. Well-known studies in this area concern portion sizes and portion size interventions. She developed a weight loss programme based on self-regulation. The programme includes a workbook, website, home-screener and cooking-classes.

The research projects conducted by Ingrid Steenhuis always have clear and evident social relevance. She puts a lot of energy into making the results of scientific research available to a broader audience. An example of this is her book Smartsize Me (Scriptum), which provides an evidence-based alternative to popular diet books, designed for the layperson. With her research into pricing strategies, she won the EMGO+ Societal Impact Award in 2010. With her book Smartsize Me, she won the EMGO+ Societal Impact Award in 2012, as well as the ‘Golden Quill’ (a national writing contest).

BSc: School of Nursing, Zwolle
MSc: Health Sciences, Maastricht
PhD: Feasibility and effectiveness of environmental interventions in worksite cafeterias and supermarkets, Maastricht   

Research interests:
+ Interventions targeted at eating behaviour
+ Environmental interventions: portion size and pricing strategies
+ Relapse prevention
+ Health Psychology




Professor Prevention & Public health, VU-university, Department of Health Sciences


Associate professor Health promotion & disease prevention, VU-university, Department of Health Sciences

Assistant-professor Health promotion & disease prevention, VU-university, Department of Health Sciences

Assistant-professor Psychology, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Faculty of Psychology

Assistant-professor Psychology, Open University Heerlen, Faculty of Psychology

Assistant-professor Health Education & Health promotion, Maastricht University, Department of Health Education & Health promotion