Personal information

Judith  Neter

Judith Neter is a research fellow at the Department of Health Sciences and the EMGO+ Research Institute for Health and Care Research, VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Judith is a trained nutritionist/epidemiologist at Wageningen University and registered as nutritional scientist at the Netherlands Academy of Nutritional Sciences, and epidemiologist at the Netherlands Epidemiological Society. She received her MSc degree in 2003, with a major in human epidemiology. From 2003 until 2004 she worked as a scientific nutritionist at Unilever Research & Development. She started working at the section of Nutrition and Health, Department of Health Sciences at the VU University in Amsterdam in June 2004. Here she worked as a lecturer and premaster coordinator for more than six years, and since April 2010 she works as a research fellow on the project entitled “Optimize food choices and food patterns in low socioeconomic status recipients of the Dutch food bank and consequently prevent nutrition-related chronic diseases.”

Research Interests: nutrition, food choices, food patterns, nutrition related chronic diseases, low socio-economic status