Personal information

Francois  Schellevis

François G. Schellevis is part-time professor "Multimorbidity in general practice" at the Department of General Practice & Edlerly Care Medicine / EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research, VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam.  His chair is created by NIVEL (the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research) in Utrecht, the Netherlands, where he works as head of one of the research departments and as member of NIVEL's management team.  
François Schellevis was educated as general practitioner, and he worked part-time in general practice from 1982-1996. Gradually the focus of his career moved from practising physician to research. He worked as researcher at the Department of General Practice of the Nijmegen University (from 1982-1989) and at the VU University (from 1989-1997). He obtained his PhD degree in 1993 - the title of his thesis was "Chronic diseases in general practice" -  and in 1994 he was registered as epidemiologist. 
From 1997 he works at the NIVEL Institute, initially as project leader of the Second Dutch National Survey of General Practice and coordinator of the research programme General Practice care.