Personal information

Tessel  Rigter

Current position

Post-Doc on project:

"Personalised medicine: eligible or not?" about pharmacogenomics in primary care. This study is partly conducted within the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

Previous positions

Junior researcher in Community Genetics (EMGO+/VUmc, dept. of Clinical Genetics) on projects:

  • "Towards Best Practice Guidelines for Genetic Testing of Monogenetic Subtypes of Diabetes Mellitus"
  • "Best Practice Guidelines for Clinical Genetic Services"
  • "Evaluation of population newborn screening practices for rare disorders in Member States of the European Union"
  • "Newborn screening for Pompe disease"

Biology teacher at "Utrechts Stedelijk Gymnasium".


Translating the dynamics of genetics into heath care practice (PhD)

University teaching qualification (Basis Kwalificatie Onderwijs)

Science communication (in Health education) (MSc)
Research project: "Public health genetics in Sri Lanka. Probing opinions, beliefs and attitudes of future medical practicioners towards preventive genetic programs."
Master thesis: "Hemoglobinopathies. Current state of primary prevention in the Netherlands."

Science teacher education (in Biology) (MSc)
Final internship at "De Werkplaats" (Kees Boeke), Bilthoven
Master thesis: "Een slimme meid is op haar toekomst voorbereid. Meisjes en bètavakken."

Biomedical sciences (BSc)
Research project: "Identification of pluripotent cells in porcine embryos."