Personal information

 Judith Bosmans studied Medical Informatics at the University of Amsterdam. After her graduation in 1999 she worked for three years at the Interuniversity Cardiology Institute of the Netherlands. In 2002, she started her PhD project at the EMGO Institute of the VU university medical center in Amsterdam. In her PhD thesis entitled “Cost-effectiveness of treatment of depression in primary care” she presents the results of several economic evaluations in the primary care setting. During her PhD period she completed the postgraduate epidemiology programme of the EMGO Institute, which resulted in a MSc in Epidemiology. In June 2006 she successfully defended her PhD thesis.

In February 2006, Judith started working as assistant professor at the Department of Health Sciences of the VU University in Amsterdam. Besides teaching courses for both bachelor and master students, she is also still involved in many cost-effectiveness studies.