- Premium profession member and International fellow of the American Heart Association.
- Member of the Netherlands Academy of Nutritional Sciences (Nederlandse Academie voor Voedingswetenschappen; NAV).

- Board member (treasurer) of the Dutch Academy of Food Sciences (NAV) (2006-2012).
- Vice-president of the Young Dutch Academy of Food Sciences (jong-NAV) (2006-2009).
- Chair of the science committee of the EMGO+ Institute (2010-2012).
- External Resource person for WHO NUGAG comittee as advisor for dietary guidelines.
- Associate editor of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2008-2014).

- Reviewer for Netherlands Heart Foundation.
- Reviewer for the Catalan Heart Foundation (Spain).
- Peer-reviewer for scientific journals, e.g.: JAMA, Circulation, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Journal of American Dietetic Association.