Personal information

Marianne van Elteren

Marianne van Elteren PhD is a medical sociologist with a specialization in international health care and culture. She is a Senior Lecturer with the Department of Medical Humanities of VU University Medical Center (VUmc), Amsterdam. In this position she coordinates, develops and teaches various courses at the faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences. Examples of such courses are Qualitative research methods, Sexuality and Health, Interculturalisation, the Honours Programme, and Courses and Scientific Focus Research on Health in Developing Countries. She carried out research into halal meals for patients at VUmc.

She also supervises health care internships worldwide. Focus area of these internships is culture and health - qualitative research in developing countries.
She is a member of the executive committee of the Honours Program of VUmc, and contributed to the integration of diversity in the New Curriculum.

Overarching themes of her activites are a qualitative focus on the patient's perspective and the cultural context in health care, both in developing countries and The Netherlands.

Before joining VUmc, amongst others she has been a researcher for the Leiden University medical centre, carrying out research with bone marrow donors and recipients. She has worked as a consultant in the field of health management in various projects for Shell. For Novib, she was program manager South East Asia.