De Geus supervises the behavioral and molecular genetic research on endophenotypes of individual differences in affective and cognitive function. He is further engaged in genetic epidemiological research on lifestyle (e.g. exercise), stress and cardiovascular risk factors and their co-morbidity to anxiety and depression. A recurrent theme is the ambulatory measurement of the psychophysiological responses in naturalistic “real life” settings for wich he developed the Vrije Universiteit Ambulatory Monitoring System ( VU-AMS, ).
Some ongoing projects:

- Core applicant in the Stress-in-Action consortium   that aims to  increase our scientific understanding of the sources and consequences of daily-life stress.

- Validation of a wrist-worn skin conductance recorder for the evaluation of sympathetic nervous system activity in daily life.

- Innovation in the assessment of within and between subject variation in autonomic nervous system activity in relation to psychopathology and cardiovascular disease (VU-AMS fund).

- Examining the role of (genetic variation in) pro-inflammatory cytokine markers in metabolic syndrome and anxiety and depression.

- Using Mendelian Randomization combined withTwin Modeling to establish causality in observational data.

- Using GWAs, TWAs and MWAs from large scale genetic epidemiology projects to advance understanding of the etiology of anxiety and depression  and cardiovascular disease.

- Identify the determinants of (tracking of) regular leisure time exercise behavior in childhood, adolescence and adulthood.